Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How to Describe OM?

What is OM ॐ ?
It is absolutely impossible to fully describe all that is Om. No matter what and how much anyone says about Om, it can never be adequately described.  Anything we can say about Om will always be less than its actual meaning because Om is the power of God.

When there was absolutely nothing in this universe, there was Zero in the shape of Om. From Om was born Vishnu, and from Vishnu was born Brahma.


Om can create the whole universe all by itself. Om created the first element, Space, which makes up our universe.


Om (power of God) comes from the universe in the form of sound (vibration), and is by Itself all there is. Om is in the form of zero. The person who meditates by saying the divine vibration of Om in their heart will cause their own energy to rise.

All mantras are incomplete without the sacred vibration Om. So for that reason, all mantras should begin with Om.

There are 7 major chakras in the human body. Each and every chakra has its own unique mantra. But just by Om alone, we can open up all the chakras.

Meditation with Om raises our positive energy, our mood, and our physical energy. It clears out all negative energy. Just by saying Om in our heart (meditation), we can remove anxiety, worry, depression, and any evil, dark energies. We can gain special powers, and attract the desires of our heart.

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